PPGI For Pre-painted Roofing Profiles

Thickness:0.11-2.0mm Width:40-1250mm
Glossy 70-90
Surface: Matt, Wrinkle, With Film, Suede, printing
Paint Thickness: Top 10-30um; Back 5-25um.
Service life: Based from 8-10 years. The higher the zinc coating and the paint film, the longer the service life


PPGI Coil Production Process


Unrolling – Stitching machine – Entrance loop – Pretreatment – Initial coating – Bake – Cool down – Fine coating – Bake – Embossed film – Export loop – Inspection station – Cut – Coiling

In the above process, if the cleaning degreasing process is not handled well, the adhesion of the primer of the color coated plate to the galvanized sheet is not good, and it is easy to cause the topcoat of the color coated steel coil to fall off during the press forming process.

Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil Structure

  • Top Finish Coating (PE/HDP/PVDF, etc.), When the thickness is above 20um, it can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays and harsh environments to the coating.

  • Primer Coating

  • Surface Treatment Layer(Chromate Coating)

  • Metallic Coated Layer (Zn, AL, 55%AL+Zn)

  • Steel Substrate (Cold Rolled Steel Sheet)

  • Metallic Coated Layer (Zn, AL, 55%AL+Zn, Sn, Cr, etc.)

  • Surface Treatment Layer (Chromate Coating)

  • Back Primer



Packing and Fixing

packing and fixing.png


Q: What is your MOQ(minimum order quantity)?

Usually a container (25-27 tons),

The product is different. The minimum quantity is not the same.  

Q: What is your packaging method?

Standard exported package, waterproof paper, plastic paper, horizontal/vertical package, paper/ iron cylinder, wooden/ iron pallet

Q: What is your payment method?

Wire transfer 30%. The margin before loading is 70%.

Q: When is your delivery time?

Within 7-30 working days after receiving the deposit.       

Q: Where is your factory?

Our factory is located in BINZHOU (near QINGDAO), with sufficient production capacity and early delivery time.

Q: Can I use my own Label/Marking/Stamp?

Of course

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